Tuesday, 23 October 2012

All Change.


Just a quick note to let you know that the blog is moving.  I've hit my photo upload limit, and whilst I don't see the blog continuing as it was, due to proposed evening meetings next season, I would quite like to keep making the odd post here and there.

The new blog is just the old one imported to a new Blogger account and it can be found HERE sporting a snazzy new look.  The reader can now decide how the blog can be viewed. (Options in the white bar under the title.  Links and archive can be found on the right hand side by moving the mouse over the small vertical black bar)

I'll keep the old one up for a short time, but will eventually delete it.


p.s.  Ian, first links up on the new blog are the ones you were looking for.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Glasgow Tigers 42 Berwick Bandits 48

Charles Wright
James McBain
Ben Reade
Nicki Barrett

Ryan Fisher

Theo Pijper, James Grieves & Charles Wright
Nicki Barrett leads Kevin Doolan
 David Bellego
Matthew Wethers

Theo Pijper

Monday, 8 October 2012

Glasgow Tigers 49 Redcar Bears 39

 James McBain

 Aaron Summers
 James Grieves leads the way.
 Charles Wright
Ulrich Ostergaard, Aaron Summers & Mr Edgar

Mason Campton.
Charles Wright leads out into 1st bend
Sam Masters
A severely pissed off Charles Wright watches the heat roll in, his engine dead as a dodo
Ryan Fisher
1st bend action
Sam Masters & Kevin Doolan
Terminal problems for Ryan Fisher
James Grieves provides a taxi services for todays guest at No 1..... ;p
Kevin Doolan

Stars & Stripes

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Glasgow Tigers 54 Sheffield Tigers 39

Start line heat 1
Pepe Franc
Charles Wright from Adam McKinna
Joe Screen
Josh lends a hand
Mason and Charles lead from Adam McKinna
Mason Campton
Quick adjustment before Heat 9

Josh in fine leg trailing style
Joe gets the Instagram treatment
Joe Screen
Mason gets a bit out of shape
Charles and Josh head for a 5-1
Josh Grajczonek from Chris Schramm
Josh at the 3rd bend

James Grieves
Screeny and Grievesy after their heat 13 5-1
Henning Bager holds off Richard Hall
Henning Bager
James Grieves
Mason Campton
"You ain't seen me, right!"
Sheffield mascotgets a spin on his 125
Ryan MacDonald
Toasting a fine victory in the bar late on....